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Lorett Chan

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My name is Lorett Chan.  I live in the New Market, MD area. 

I believe that by doing healing work, I am fulfilling my life’s purpose.  I help people find their inner strength and confidence to live their lives to the fullest in joy.  

I used to work as a legal secretary, but found the call to empower people more compelling than working in the corporate world.  I also felt very strongly that we have moved away from the personal connection with people, and I wanted to bring that back through my work. 

I had a life-changing event when my 22 year old son drowned while on vacation in 2005.  It made me realize that I was focusing on too many things that were not really important in my life.  It gave me opportunities to connect with people in a way I didn’t before, and to talk about death.  I found a strength I didn’t know I had through my faith.  As I contemplated his life, I could see how he prepared me for this eventuality.  The area where he transitioned was serene and full of nature, and  I could only think that he had returned to the womb of the Mother.

After this incident, different modalities came into my awareness.  I use each modality, or a combination to assist in what my clients need.

My offerings are holistic approaches to heal the mind, body and spirit.  See what speaks to your soul, and contact me to begin your journey.

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